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North Cyprus Off Plan Investment

North Cyprus Property Prices

Prices for New North Cyprus property developments are often quoted on the basis of price per square metre built. Prices per square metre are calculated on the basis of location, quality of building specifications, and the overall quality of the project.  Once the initial offer price has been determined, timing is everything. The smartest investors move in early during the launch phase to secure the best possible prices and the best possible returns.

It is inside knowledge of this ‘lifecycle of a new development’ that makes it possible for serious investors to make a far above average return in a fully secure way.

Northern Cyprus Property Values

During the construction phase, you r North Cyprus properties rise in value. As more and more properties are sold the developer’s sales requirements are met. The developer therefore increases the price of the remaining properties. This has an immediate effect on the value of your property in North Cyprus.


The developer increases the prices of the properties in North Cyprus in the development in order to regenerate the income from the discounted Northern Cyprus properties sold initially. This can happen without depending on any overall market growth because the developer is simply raising your previously discounted property’s price to what it should really be.

The true market value is of course derived from the current prices for existing properties in the same location of North Cyprus, built to similar specifications.

Usually the first significant price increase takes place when the required number of off-plan sales has been reached. This period is usually two to four months after the launch. The second significant price increase takes place when construction actually begins. This usually happens another two to four months after the required percentage of off-plan sales has been achieved. Remaining price increases then occur periodically throughout construction as the development progresses.

As one of the fastest growing property markets in the world, your strategic investment in off-plan properties in North Cyprus are made even more secure. Not only are you buying into a buoyant, growing and very stable market, but you are also buying into that market via an investment scheme that ensures you have the very best chance to make a very handsome return on your equity.

Unless peoples’ attitude to physical pleasures changes completely, there will always be a strong demand for living in North Cyprus – part-time or full-time. That demand will have to be met by properties, and the best will always sell and re-sell and re-sell many times over in our lifetimes and those of our children’s.

Investment Guarantees

There are two areas you should be certain about before investing in the opportunities detailed here. They are:

1. The security of your North Cyprus investment
2. The ‘sell-ability’ of your property in North Cyprus

As mentioned earlier, Donaghy & Beyler only recommend well respected and competent legal firms in North Cyprus, all of which offer great customer service in your own language. They perform the land search and registration and also the title deed search and registration of your Northern Cyprus property.

It is important to realise that your lawyer will be your representative, and not the representative of the developers or the promoters. For more information visit our Lawyer/Legal section

North Cyprus Property Demand

With regard to sufficient demands for their properties, the question serious investors are asking is:

“Will the North Cyprus property market remain at its current levels, providing sufficient demand to ensure that I can realise an above average return on my investment?”

All the independent indicators would argue in favour of this happening. North Cyprus’s real estate stability and growth has been well recorded by Governmental and European estate agencies and current forecasts indicate continuity through at least 2012. Over one million European citizens are forecasted to seek properties in Northern Cyprus in the next five years.  A stable Northern Cyprus real estate market coupled with already built-in advantages such as excellent weather, improved infrastructure, and easy accessibility through improved International Airports all assist the potential investor in making an easy decision.

When you invest in North Cyprus, you will be moving into a growing, buoyant property market.

Many shrewd investors have already realised that there is currently no other investment opportunity on the market that offers this kind of potential return. This is probably the reason why the best opportunities in these developments are usually snapped up early on in the lifecycle of the development. It also proves that the sooner you make an investment decision, the more profitable it may be.

Estate Agents,  Donaghy & Beyler identifies the very best off-plan investment opportunities for our clients. Our job is quite simple: to provide you with a proven opportunity, at the right time, and which promises you a well above average return on your equity.

In order to reserve a property or properties in a particular development, you should contact a Donaghy & Beyler Property Consultant today on +90 392 815 8681/8882 or send us an enquiry via email to info@donaghyandbeyler.com  We’ll find the best available units in quality developments that suit your investment budget. A typical reservation fee is £1000 which is paid directly to the developer. This ensures that your properties are taken off the market and reserved in your name. Normally within 30 days, private purchase contracts are exchanged. At this stage your legal representative will be required to hand over your first instalment of funds, anything from 15% to 30% of the purchase price, minus the reservation fee amount already made.


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North Cyprus Properties

Property Offers

Completed penthouse (full sea view) Pay now and move in.

4 months before completion  penthouse (full sea view) Pay 25k now and the rest on completion. Original price 65k now @ 50k(24% discount).

Apartments starting from £49,950

Property Today

Immaculate and spacious 3 bedroom villa set on a one donum plot just minutes drive from the lovely village of Catalkoy. Offering Fantastic sea and mountain views. This is a must see property. ...

Property Reference: 14833/3

Property Location: Catalkoy

Property Title: FREEHOLD

Property Type: Villa

Swimming Pool: Yes

Furnished: No

Bedrooms: 3

Property Price: £149,950 

Property Today